2019-2020 MathLeague Contest Schedule
For 7th Graders

All seventh graders are invited and strongly encouraged to complete in MathLeagues prestigious math contests.
MathLeague Middle School math contests cover math typically taught through 8th grade. The contest involves two individual tests, one team test, and a countdown round. The individual tests are Sprint (30 multiple choice questions in 40 minutes), and Target (four sets of two questions with 6 minutes each set; calculators allowed). The team test involves 10 questions over 20 minutes, calculators allowed. The Countdown Round is one question at a time to students who compete head-to-head. Each school can host multiple teams of up to four students each. Where a school does not formally have a math club or host a team, the participating students from the school can organize themselves in squads of up to four students to compete in the team round. The six monthly middle school math contests lead to a national middle school championship.

Registration includes the contest, practice resource materials, and invite to attend our free live online practice sessions each week.

Each regular monthly contest is $20 in advance or $30 at the door. You may register for the entire regular season of six contests for $100 and save $20. The state and national championships are by invitation and registration and payment is similar and directly with MathLeague.

Middle Contest
Middle School
Register for
Middle School
Entire Season (Six monthly rounds) October 26, November 23, December 14, February 1, February 29, and March 28. Register for Middle School Only ($100)
October Round (12011) October 26 Register for Middle School Only ($20)
November Round (12012) November 23 Register for Middle School Only ($20)
December Round (12013) December 14 Register for Middle School Only ($20)
January Round (12014) February 1 Register for Middle Only ($20)
February Round (12015) February 29 Register for Middle Only ($20)
March Round (12016) March 28 Register for Middle Only ($20)
(INTER)2 SECT National Middle School Math Championship April or May Qualifiers from
MathLeague’s State
Middle School contests*

* The (INTER)2 SECT National Middle School Math Championship is by invitation to all students that finish among the top in any of the monthly contests.