1st Annual
Math Expo & Contest

Art of Doing Math is pleased to announce and host our first annual Math Expo and Contest in September 2019. This event will include exhibits, workshops, and math contests for 2nd through 12th grade students interested in competition math.

  • Contests By Grade providing introduction to MathLeague’s challenging Number Sense, Sprint, and Target rounds, which are mental math, multiple choice, and story questions, respectively.
  • Countdown Rounds By Grade to provide exciting head-to-head competition.
  • Parent’s Workshop to discuss benefits of competition math, practice recommendations, and resources available.
  • Coaches Workshop to discuss how to organize teams, practice recommendations, and resources available.

Sign up now and get free invite to participate in all of our online math practices through the summer! Early Sign-Up is just $49.


Summer Math Practice

Sign up for our 1st Annual Math Expo and Contest, then attend free any or all of our weekly summer online math practices. We will hold hour-long lower elementary, upper elementary, and middle school practices each week. All online practices are free to everyone that has signed up for our first annual Math Expo and Contest!

  • Lower Elementary Practice. This practice will address math typically encountered by 2nd through 4th grade students.
  • Upper Elementary Practice. This practie will address math typically encountered by 5th and 6th graders.
  • Middle School Practice. This practice will address math covered in the middle school contests for 6th through 8th graders.

Summer math practice will begin after MathLeague’s National Elementary School Math Championship on June 16. Online practice will be held on weekday evenings using GoToMeeting, so students may participate via desktop, laptop, or tablet devices with Internet connection. Even on vaction, students may join our math practice.


Sponsors and Advertising

We invite organizations to help sponsor our event. Contributions of any size are very welcomed.

Join us at the Math Expo & Contest:

  • For $50, get a table to display and share your products, services, or literature. You will be listed in our email and literature, plus introduced during the Math Expo & Contest.


  • For $100, get 1/4 page advertising in our email and literature leading up the Math Expo & Contest, and reporting the results. Same will be shared on our website. Share your literature on an advertisers table.


Individual and organization sponsors are warmly welcomed. How you would like to be recognized will be addressed individually.

Please contact us via email at support@artofdoingmath.org.